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Round Table Discussions and Colloquia

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Round Table Board of Experts Colloquia

Participation in the Round Table Colloquia is by invitation only although expenses (travel, lodging, and meals) will not be covered by the Foundation.

Commonly no proceedings are published; however, the acting Chairman can decide otherwise.

Preliminary Announcement
Magnetic Resonance Imaging –
yesterday, today, tomorrow.

Freiburg, Germany
19-20 June 2020

spaceholder 960   This two-day meeting is being organized and chaired by Jürgen Hennig, Freiburg, Germany.

More information will follow soon.

Contrast-Enhanced Biomedical Imaging
Standing at the Crossroads:
40 Years of MR Contrast Agents.

Mons, Belgium
9-10 May 2019

 pring/Summer Term 2019.
 The 16th Meeting in the Series.

The thirty anniversary conference on MR contrast agents was de­vot­ed to new de­ve­lop­ments in mag­ne­tic re­so­nan­ce con­trast agents – and a re­view of the past 40 years. The two-day meeting turned into an exceptional platform to present and follow-up developments and results in the field since the introduction of such agents.

The conference was organized alternating review lectures of the developments, improvements, challenges, and fail­ures of the last thirty years given by leading experts in the field and presentations of novel theoretical tools, new ideas, and new compounds by young scientists.

The Book of Abstracts of the conference can be down­loaded here.

The Opening Lecture "MR imaging: Quo vadis" was pub­lished on Rinckside and Aunt Minnie Europe.

A Review of the Conference can also be found on Rinck­side and Aunt Minnie Europe.

Group picture 2019.

Ethics in Medicine:
The Depersonalization of Medical Imaging.
Sophia Antipolis, France
11-12 July 2019

 ummer Term 2019.
 The 9th Meeting in the Series.

Healing and nursing, the main tasks of a physician, are not any more in the realm of modern medical imaging. The industrialization of medicine, including and most distinct in the service disciplines pathology, laboratory medicine and medical imaging, has turned sickness into a commodity and increasingly depersonalizes patients by standardization and interchangeability. Science collects infinite miscellaneous biological and physiological processes, but ignores individual human uniqueness in order to abstract the underlying operating mechanisms. Decisions are taken over by machines and relied upon without control. Artificial intelligence and its ethical implications will one of the main topics of the meeting.

The symposium will focus on human beings' right to empathic and personal treatment by physicians, also in the ancillary medical disciplines. Recommendations for further reading upon request.

By invitation only. A summary of the meeting will be published in Rinckside.

Contact the TRTF office for further information.

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