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Cautionary Note – Plagiarism and Infringement of Copyright. Increasingly our publications are copied and used illegally. The Foundation reserves all rights with respect to copyright and trademark ownership of all material at this site and its other printed and digital publications, and will enforce such rights to the full extent of applicable law – even if this means high legal fees and fines for the perpetrator and possibly the end of an academic career.

TRTF: Periodicals and an Open Platform

he re-organization of TRTF opened up for a wider range of publications. The new platform A Small Café will allow on-line publication of books and essays published earlier by TRTF in print or presentations of Pro Academia Prize recipients.

spaceholder red600   As Guest of the winter season 2015, we meet the recipient of the Pro Academia Prize 2015, Regine C. Schulz.

She was awarded the Prize in recognition of her efforts of bringing together sci­en­tists, researchers, and scholars, among them ar­che­o­lo­gists, conservators, museum specialists, historians, designers, specialists in interactive information tech­no­logy, and representatives of different religions. Her essay The Creation of the World – On the Variety of Ancient Egyptian Creation Myths gives an impression of the religion of the ancient Egyptians, one of the most successful and long-lived religions of the ancient world.

It is in English, taken from the book Egypt's Mysterious Book of the Faiyum; a German version is available in your bookshop.

spaceholder red600   The "Ethics and Philosophy" Chapter presented the contribution of the summer season 2015: Reason Subjugated to the Unconscious – Die Vernunft als Untertan des Unbewussten by Alexander von Wyttenbach, edited and com­men­ted by Peter A. Rinck. The book is in German; no English translation is available.

It is a treatise about the unconscious and the rational in our world full of superficial pragmatism and pract­ical­ity, still being a world without "rhyme or reason". The reader finds food for thought because the text shows connections previously not seen – a perfect platform for academic discussion; occasionally one finds it difficult to come up with facts and to develop counter-arguments. Thus – occasionally – one might change one's own opinion or, at least, open to other people's arguments.

In addition, Rinckside, the 26-year old column on “Imaging, Science, and Beyond” was integrated into TRTF. Rinckside is published several times per year at irregular intervals both in an electronic and a printed version and is an officially citable scientific journal – small, but present. It is now listed by the German National Library as a serial publication, and registered with the ISSN International Center in Paris. If and how its scope might be widened will be discussed at a later point.

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