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TRTF: The Round Table Foundation

RTF was created by scientists of different fields. Its var­ious Chapters promote learning and teaching, inter­disci­plinary science and research, support academia and inter­cul­tural understanding, and aid the young:

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spaceholder 960   Scientific Communication,
spaceholder 960   Ethics and Philosophy,
spaceholder 960   Humanitarian Aid.

TRTF's Mission has been codified in the Foundation's statutes. By the way: A round table need not necessarily be an oak table.

The President of TRTF, Peter A. Rinck, summarized the main mission features of the Foundation after this year's annual Council Meeting. Read the Letter from the President.

EMRF: New Structure and Policies

MRF, the European Magnetic Resonance Forum, is the oldest scientific institution in Europe devoted to inter­dis­ciplinary medical and biological magnetic resonance, bridging the gap between the exact sciences and medicine.

After the incorporation into TRTF in 2007, the organization announced the adoption of a new structure and mission stra­te­gy. As a Chapter of TRTF, the Forum has reorganized its acti­vities and extended its teaching program to the internet. Its European Magnetic Resonance Award will merge into the Pro Academia Prize. EMRF's status as an independent institution within TRTF will remain untouched. The changes will be put in place step-by-step.

spaceholder 960   More about  EMRF.

New Publications

n 2015, two new publications have come under the roof of TRTF. The virtual academic meeting place A Small Café has opened its doors on the web, and the learned columns pub­li­cation Rinckside has been incorporated into the chapter structure of TRTF. ... more

Virtual Campus Initiative

–Learning and Interactive e-Teaching. At its annual meeting, the Council of The Round Table Foundation has decided to expand its Virtual Campus Initiative by introducing on-line group courses for scientific English.

Lessons will be arranged on a VLE (virtual learning plat­form), a virtual classroom where participants can see and talk to the teacher and their fellow students. These intermediate level courses are now in their second year. ... more

Magnetic Resonance Textbook

–Textbook on the Web. After the tremendous success of the English e-Learning website Magnetic Resonance, Spanish and Chinese translations are available too as beta versions.

TRTF's magnetic resonance learning website is a complete, independent – and free – basic magnetic resonance textbook, to look up specific questions or to learn the fundamentals step-­by-­step. It includes a glossary and a list of acronyms. The eighth revised and updated edition (8.9) was released in April 2015 in English, 32 years after this popular textbook of the European Magnetic Resonance Forum (EMRF) was published the first time. Additional language version are to follow. ... more

Exemplary Groups

he Pro Academia Prize. In today's science and research, places of quiet discussion free from strife are rare, and, though generally preached, broad-based interdisciplinary exchange usually remains minor-league. Single outstanding scientists have become a rarity.

They still exist; however, in most cases research and academia require teams, organized as a network of groups with a common interest. Leading individuals, with a clear research orientation, forge successful groups and networks with accomplished and competent researchers.

The Pro Academia Prize is bestowed on one or several academic groups that serve as an example. The next prize decision is expected in mid-2017. ... more

Groundwork for the Future

n Investment. "There is no finer investment for  any community than putting milk into babies," Winston Churchill once stated.

TRTF goes beyond milk; a little breakfast and lunch, teaching how to brush your teeth, and a basis of reading, writing, singing. ... more